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How to Save Money in Today’s Economy

piggybank with glasses and calculator
The United States has been in a recession for several years, and everyone has felt it in some way, shape, or form. The job market is slow, and even individuals who have jobs cannot count on bonuses or raises the way they used to. Not only have salaries been decreasing, but prices have been increasing.
Because of this we have all had to make changes in our lifestyles to ensure that we can pay our bills. Unfortunately many of us are still suffering even with those changes. Here are three helpful ways to save money in today’s economy by decreasing the amount you spend on transportation, food, and entertainment:


Mini bus in the usa
Do you live in a city with public transportation, bike lanes, or carpooling programs? Use them! Not only do these incentives allow you to meet new people and experience different parts of the city but they can save you enormous amounts of money.
Check your city’s website for any news about what is happening to assist the transportation needs of citizens like you. If you live in an area where owning a car is an absolute necessity then plan your trips at the beginning of the week to conserve as much gas as possible.


man eating burger filled with money
For many of us food is one of the expenses than can really cause trouble when trying to stick to a budget. One of the best ways to save money on food is to cook for yourself rather than going out to eat.
Taking your own lunch to work every day can save anywhere from $30-$50 per week depending on where you live and what you choose to eat.
That means that by bringing your lunch every day you could save $120-$200 per month! If this seems difficult for you then start by challenging yourself to bring your lunch 3 out of 5 days a week and reward yourself with a meal out on the other 2 days.


entertainment log in general
For some people saving money is easy as long as you feel like you are not missing out on anything. The good news is that there are ways to achieve that feeling. For starters, make a list of events or outings that you do not want to miss.
Obviously these can’t be once a week, but more like once a month. Having events already planned will give you something to look forward to so that when you have to decline an invitation elsewhere you won’t feel like you are missing out completely.
Saving money may seem impossible in this economy, but there are ways to do it. Only you know what it is that will motivate you to get it done, so if these tips aren’t up your alley then perhaps you can think of another. Ask friends or family members what they do to save money because, remember, we are all living under the same economy.


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